“We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.”- Patrick Rothfuss

Halloween has come and (pretty much) went by now. The clock is ticking down to NaNo, and I can’t wait to start. Sleep will have to wait tonight; I’ve been preparing, and I will not get behind. (Not until the middle of the third week, anyway.)

I live on the east coast, though, and no one has quite felt like celebrating since Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, we have power, the majority of my friends have power, and no one that I know has lost their lives or had their property damaged. That being said, New York City and the shore are wrecked. The amount of devastation is absolutely horrible, and I hate seeing the pictures. I hate natural disasters. They terrify me, because no matter how great we claim to be, we aren’t bigger or better than nature. Nature will not be controlled.

That being said, Halloween in New Jersey has officially been moved to next Monday, November 5th. The governor said so and everything. I usually don’t go out anymore, anyway, but I do miss my candy. (We usually go over to a friend’s house, eat candy, order takeout, and watch Disney on VHS.) It’s a little surreal, though, not to see little kids in their costumes running down the street.


But here, have this picture of the Kennedys. (I’ll always find a way to connect them to everything.) November is also the month of the assassination, so I’ll be taking a break from NaNo to pay my respects.

In terms of NaNo, I have my alphasmart at the ready (it’s on sale for the next few days, and if you’re a writer, you’d better invest now!), plenty of coffee, tea, candy corn, chocolate, and apples to keep myself alive for the next month. I can hardly wait until twelve. Good luck in NaNo, and try to get some sleep before the madness descends.


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