Thicker Than Blood Release!

Today is August first. Call it a cliche, but the first day of a month always feels like a fresh start to me. 28 to 31 days (looking at you, February) to make a change and start something new. With the coming of August comes a feeling of excitement for the new school year mixed with the sadness of the end of summer and the apprehension for the first day of classes. In the last week of summer, I often feel trapped in a haze. It feels like summer’s over (though it isn’t), and it feels like the school year has already started (which it hasn’t). The Underworld author Don DeLillo calls this “the final Sunday before the first Monday of school…[a feeling that we] have never shaken off”. This is how I feel, counting the days (27!) until I move into college and start all over. 

Aside from my pre-college ramblings, I have good news: Lindsey Sablowski’s Thicker Than Blood (remember my cover reveal?) drops today!

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