Hotel Glassmanor


Welcome home.

Welcome to Hotel Glassmanor, a beautifully restored mansion located deep within the New Jersey woods. Built in 1919 as the Glassmanor summer estate, the mansion was occupied for a  total of two short months each year. In 1930 Charlotte, Harrison Glassmanor’s young bride, passed away under mysterious circumstances. Wracked with grief, Harrison ordered the mansion boarded up and moved his two infant sons, Harrison III and Windsor, to Virginia. Following their father’s death in the late 1960s, Harrison III and Windsor had the mansion restored and reopened. But in 1975, both men disappeared-along with the family fortune. Believing that the mansion was cursed, the remaining family put the mansion up for sale, where it sat for the better part of thirty years.

In 2006, the dilapidated property was purchased by famed hotelier Juan De Cargo. The mansion and surrounding land were completely transformed in a little under three years, resulting in the magnificent Hotel Glassmanor that stands today. The mansion is open year round and has countless amenities, including a beautiful garden, an in-ground pool, a fitness center, a ballroom, several meeting and conference rooms, a gorgeous wood paneled library, and a game room. We are glad to host your next wedding, birthday, or any other celebration.  Our friendly staff is on hand to help at any time; simply stop by the front desk.

The guests are beautiful, the grounds are stunning, and a storm is brewing.

It’s getting cold outside. Won’t you come in?

New updates every Sunday, available here and in the ‘Hotel Glassmanor’ category.


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